Toolkiss Oval Frameless LED Light Anti Fog Wall Bathroom Vanity Mirror – 24 in. W x 32 in. H

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Toolkiss new LED mirrors are designed to provide optimal light conditions for
the person standing in front of the mirror, to help with grooming and makeup
activities. The LED light is a diffuse light that is not intended to be the
primary lighting in the room, and the light projects straight forward through
the frosted glass, it does not project into the corners of the room. We
strongly recommend including additional ceiling or wall lighting to serve as
the primary lighting in the bathroom. Widely application: Home and Kitchen
Use, Hotel Supplies, Hair Salon Supplies, Bathroom Accessories, etc.


* **Backlit and front-lighted** : with double lights, the LED bathroom mirror provides enough light for applying makeup and shaving, 3 light modes for front light (cold light, white light, warm light), a fashion modern LED mirror, adds luxury to your bathroom
* **Dimmable and multiple light modes** : smart touch switch, high-tech LED smart mirror, yet easy to operate, just a simple tap of the touch switch to adjust the light brightness and switch among different light modes, very convenient, beautiful, well-built sturdy dimmable led mirror with high-definition glass, a clear reflection and no distortion, waterproof
* **Anti-fog** : fogless mirror with defog function, no worry about wiping the mirror down after a shower, the lighted bathroom mirror is already clean, anti-fog starts quick and one hour auto-off
* **Memory function and wall switch** : with the memory function, the mirror remembers the last setting that you have used, super convenient if you always prefer the same setting for applying makeup, once you turn light on, it remembers state and comes on with wall switch, easy to hang and you can cut plug off and wire directly into wiring
* **Easy to install, plug-in/hardwired** : this bathroom mirror with lights is easy to install packed with all mounting hardware needed for installation, the 2 sturdy wall brackets on the back of the mirror make sure the mirror hangs securely on wall, the mirror can be hardwired or plugged in, also easy to clean (hangs vertically or horizontally)
* **Tempered glass, shatter-proof, sturdy and durable** : different from other mirrors, led bathroom mirror is designed with 0.19 in. tempered glass which features shatter-proof, explosion-proof, sturdy, durable and safe to use, decent mirror built with solid material, the package for shipping is well and securely designed with all-around protective Styrofoam with passed drop test, no worry about the breakage
* **Waterproof IP65** :waterproof rating provides an environment friendly and safe lighting, ideal for using over a sink or in a wet environment
* **Super-sensitive touch button** : with the super-sensitive touch button you can turn on or off the light, instant on, no flicker, no UV, mercury free light, the mirror combines optimal brightness, accurate color, and remarkable clarity, so you can start your day in a better light


24 inch.W x 32 inch.H

1 review for Toolkiss Oval Frameless LED Light Anti Fog Wall Bathroom Vanity Mirror – 24 in. W x 32 in. H

  1. 5 out of 5

    Claire Richardson

    Great service from start to finish and mirror was beautiful, fantastic quality

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