Designart ‘Gold and Blue Dynamics I’ Printed Modern Round or Oval Wall Mirror – Whirl




Embrace a bold color palette with this Designart ‘Gold and Blue Dynamics I’
wall mirror. A whirl pattern adds a touch of wonder for added visual charm,
and the mirrored background helps expand your room visually. A moisture-
resistant backing prevents corrosion, making this mirror usable in your

Our unique design and exclusive technique allows for the ink to be raised a
few millimeters above the mirror, yet remain scratch proof and fade resistant.
The mirror itself is of the highest quality measuring 1/4 inch in thickness
and providing a crystal clear distortion free reflection. As with the benefits
of a traditional mirror, it naturally provides an appearance of increased
space in the surrounding area and increased brightness and lighting.
Premium backing prevents corrosion in bathroom environments and all mirrors
come with the wall hangers already installed allowing it to be hung vertically
or horizontally.
Drywall anchors and screws are also included for your convenience.
Each mirror is carefully inspected prior to shipping and packaged securely
with several layers of protective packaging, ensuring a safe delivery.

**Dimensions options:**

* Round 39.4″
* Round 31.5″
* Round 24″
* Oval 20″x30″
* Rectangular 30″x40″
* Rectangular 30″x48″
* Rectangular 24″x32″


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