Black Large Analog Display Modern Wall Clocks Battery Powered

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**Key Features:**

_**Clear Numbers:**_ The clock’s numbers on the dial are in a clear,
minimalist black design, which makes it clear and easy to read.

_**Silent Operation:**_ Our wall clock features a silent sweeping second
movement, providing a quiet working and living environment.

_**Non-marking Nail Design:**_ The non-marking nails can be very stable to
hanging the clock on the wall, and it is not easy to fall off for a long time.

_**Accurate Timing:**_ The quartz oscillator inside the quartz sweep seconds
movement will vibrate at a set frequency, so the timing is very accurate.

**Specification **

3 Types: Black 1/ Black 2 /Gold

Material: Acrylic, Plexiglas, Aluminum/Metal,Acrylic

Style: Modern

Power Source: Battery Powered

Mounting: Wall Mount

Product Size (W*H):15.7*27.5in/16.9*16.9in/15.8*25.2in


1. Choose a suitable location on the wall.

2. Tap the non-marking nail with a hammer until the nail is completely into
the wall.

3. Hang the clock on the non-marking nail.

4. Complete the installation.

**Package Included**

Black 2: 1*Wall Clock,1*Clock Pendulum,1*Sticker Set,1*Nail,1*AA Carbon

Black 1 and Gold: 1 X Clock(Battery Not Included)

🎁 _ **We also have DIFFERENT STYLES of CLOCKs on SALE as shown in the Image,
Please search the Item ID and you will be directed to the exact product. **_

* 1—— Item ID 40574195
* 2—— Item ID 40574195
* 3——-Item ID 40894747
* 4——-Item ID 41065150
* 5——-Item ID 40417518
* 6—— Item ID 40417518
* 7——-Item ID 40290112
* 8——-Item ID 40889312
* 9——-Item ID 40290111

1 review for Black Large Analog Display Modern Wall Clocks Battery Powered

  1. 5 out of 5

    Nick Ennis

    Beautiful mirror , looks perfect in my dressing room x

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